Workwear fabrics

The Chinese textile company prioritizes the direction of fabrics for workwear. This very voluminous group of tissues is somewhat arbitrary and its frames are not rigid. A few years ago, natural cotton fabrics occupied a dominant position in this group. These fabrics are presented in our company by various types of twill, tarpaulin, diagonal, coarse calico and double-thread. The growth in sales of these fabrics, in relative terms, has slowed in recent years. Currently, the requirements for workwear are constantly increasing and it is already impossible to imagine modern suits without mixed fabrics with special impregnations and properties. In our assortment, we can consider the basic fabrics for workwear Eldorf-1 and Eldorf-2, fabrics for workwear Temp-1, Temp-210. The presence of special properties in Temp and Eldorf fabrics makes them indispensable in sewing workwear for protection from general industrial pollution, winter work clothes for protection from low temperatures. The bulk of fabrics for special, workwear and uniforms have water-repellent impregnation, but we can also offer fabrics with oil-water-repellent impregnations, Teflon impregnations and acid-resistant impregnations ("Voskhod" (K80) acid-resistant 100% polyester with a density of 160 g / m2 ). The group of special and departmental fabrics is represented by “Landing” fabrics, “Prestige” fabrics are fabrics with a high cotton content (CVC fabrics), fluorescent fabrics, and “Signal” fabrics. In recent years, it is impossible to imagine a group of fabrics for special clothing without synthetic materials with a waterproof PU (PU) coating - a thin polyurethane film that retains moisture from 500 to 5000 mm of water column, these are fabrics such as Tafeta PU, Oxford PU (Oxford PU), fabrics with “breathable” coatings and films (membrane fabrics) - our range includes “Voskhod” fabrics with a membrane coating and other fabrics. The subdivision of shirt fabrics - fabrics for medical clothing, services and cafes, bars and restaurants are TIS cotton-polyester fabrics, luxury fabrics, Viscose-polyester uniform fabrics, are used as fabrics for uniform shirts and Optima fabrics. due to its wear-resistant parameters, as a material for sewing rental workwear, to which ultra-high requirements are imposed.