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Camouflage fabrics for tourism


Camouflage 'Forest & ndash; it is an imitation of a natural forest landscape. It happens in summer, autumn and winter themes, it also often includes elements of animal and bird coloring. Fabrics with such camouflage patterns are used to make clothing, tents, backpacks and other uniforms for hunters.


Grass camouflage - imitates the appearance of grass, reeds and other low-growing plants. There are also several types depending on the season. Used for camouflage suits, in which hunting is carried out in open areas, in the steppe, in clearings, near water. Allows you to remain unnoticed by the eyes of animals and humans, especially if you choose the right outfit with a pattern in accordance with the environment.


Military camouflage - from the name it becomes clear that it was originally developed only for military disguise. It is divided according to the type of terrain and season, depending on this, the drawings can be contrasting and blurred, with a pronounced pattern or chaotic spots. It is one of the universal types of camouflage painting, the main thing is to choose the right color scheme so as not to `` shine '' for example: in a clearing in a suit made of camouflage fabric with a pattern `` Gray reed '', or with a pattern `` Flora '' in winter.


Camouflage 'Digit' - the youngest type of camouflage color, a distinctive feature is the obligatory presence of small squares arranged in a certain order or chaotically. The main thing is that any group of squares is located strictly vertically and horizontally with a certain step. One of the fastest growing areas of camouflage fabrics is popular in everyday life and perfectly allows you to camouflage in urban conditions, in the mountains and forests. The drawing visually blurs the outlines of the object, creating an optical illusion for the human eye.


Camouflage paint is applied to a variety of fibers: natural, synthetic, blended. Clothes made of these fabrics are durable, comfortable, and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Particularly durable camouflage fabrics are used to make backpacks, tents, and various equipment for work and outdoor recreation. All fabrics of the KMF group are coated with a water-dirt-repellent impregnation or polyurethane coating (PU), which makes the finished products more resistant to getting wet and dirty. Also, for camouflage, only matte fabrics with reinforced threads are chosen in order to maximize their main task - & ndash; disguise a person.


A reliable supplier of specialty fabrics company & ldquo; Eldorf & rdquo; offers a large selection of camouflage fabrics, differing in color and fiber composition. There can be no universal camouflage colors. The pattern and color of camouflage are selected depending on the characteristics of the terrain and, accordingly, the season. Therefore, Eldorf offers different types of camouflage in different colors and on particularly durable, unpretentious fabrics. The assortment includes such popular camouflage patterns as & ndash; Flora, NATO, Tsifra, Doll, Reed, Les and many others. The optimal combination of different shades of green and red stripes suits the forest-steppe landscape.


Mixed fabrics are the best option for sewing special clothing used in the field and hiking conditions. They are distinguished by increased strength, have moisture-repellent properties, and protect well from wind. They are characterized by increased wear resistance.