Uniform and corporate fabrics

Eldorf Company presents in a wide assortment and constant availability a line of fabrics for uniforms. The line of fabrics for uniforms is formed by fabrics of several groups: Eldorf Fabrics, Luxury Fabrics, a group of fabrics for elite workwear & ndash; Fabrics Prestige (CVC, fabrics with a high cotton content of more than 50%), Rescuer, Landing, Eldorf, Temp fabric group, TiSi fabrics, Form, Optima.

The fabrics of the Eldorf, Prestige, Rescuer, Landing series are modern and high-quality materials intended for sewing uniforms, special, corporate clothing, clothing for trade and service workers, as well as clothing for production using approved fabrics. These fabrics are characterized by an optimal cotton-to-polyester ratio and finishes that provide excellent fabric strength, low electrical resistivity, excellent shrinkage, high color fastness and good hygiene.

The Temp series fabrics are exclusive developments of budget types of fabrics for workwear. For any of the types of fabrics presented in this section, we are ready to offer the best price / quality ratio, taking into account the budgetary nature of the fabrics.

The fabrics of the TiSi, Forma, Optima series refer to fabrics that are used in the production of uniform shirts, shirts, corporate clothing, clothing used in the service sector, clothing for medical personnel and laboratory workers, clothing for HoReCa (clothing for personnel of hotels, restaurants and cafes) , clothing for advertising and promotions.