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Jacket fabrics

Jacket fabrics are heavy-duty material that can be easily cleaned during the wash process and are water-repellent. Now outerwear is made from a fabric that practically does not pass the wind and protects from the cold.

One of the main differences between the jacket fabric is that its surface has a special coating that repels water drops, due to which the fabric does not absorb moisture. Such properties are given to clothes by a polymer or rubberized composition. Fabrics for sewing jackets are usually practical and do not require any maintenance other than timely washing and cleaning.

There are many types of materials used for sewing outerwear:

- Janet and Duspo jacket fabrics, pleasant to the touch and rather soft, somewhat reminiscent of velvet, are most often used for sewing children's and women's clothing;

- Disco and Santas & ndash; durable and attractive material with a smooth glossy surface;

- Jordan & ndash; use of a special technique of weaving threads, the presence of shimmering fibers;

- TS Shine and Phila-Phill & ndash; include cotton fibers, used in the production of spring and summer outerwear;

- Taslan & ndash; the composition contains polyamide yarns, which give the fabrics special strength, along with lightness and attractiveness

- Taffeta, distinguished by its visual appeal, original iridescent colors (used for lining);

- Oxford & ndash; The synthetic filament fabric has a waterproof coating. Suitable for sewing tourist clothes, backpacks and umbrellas, can be used for lining.

The choice of the required type of materials should be based on the intended purpose of the product. Please carefully study the properties and characteristics of the fabric before buying.