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Reflective fabrics and materials

Fluorescent fabrics are used for sewing overalls for workers in construction, road and municipal specialties, as well as for employees of rescue services. As a rule, they are presented by polyester, blended, knitted nets, synthetic materials and reflective tapes of various widths. Due to a special coating, light, once on the surface of the tissues, reflects in the opposite direction.

Mandatory GOST requirement for work clothes & ndash; This is the presence of reflective elements (SOP) on SOP suits can be of different widths, but not less than 3.5 cm wide, it is possible to use silver ribbons made using Microlens technology, colored, fire-resistant, polyamide using Microprism technology.

Reflective piping refers to a finishing material with a special coating. This product is a tape that is folded in half. Inside the piping there is a sewn-in rudder with a reflective coating. Such material is used when sewing uniforms, sportswear or workwear. Most often, edging performs an additional function of designating a person in low visibility conditions and is used as a decorative element.

The main function of increasing human visibility is performed by signal reflective tapes. They are made from cotton, nylon, polyester, as well as combined ones. A reflective coating is applied to the base of the tape using Microprism or Microlens technologies. Such products are used to attract attention in limited visibility. & Nbsp;