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Lining & Application Materials

Lining materials are actively used in sewing various types of clothing and are designed to seal parts of products such as collars and cuffs, belts, etc. The most effective today are polyester-type samples, due to their strength and thinness.

Knitted mesh underneath SP01 hl / cr 9.5 rm / kg is presented in five color options. It is used in the manufacture of clothing for tourists and athletes & ndash; amateurs and professionals.

Taffeta fabric 170T is used for sewing workwear, trousers and skirts, travel bags and sleeping bags. Demonstrates excellent resistance to various chemicals. Ironing temperature should not exceed 110 degrees Celsius.

Taffeta fabric 190T is made using a special polyurethane impregnation. Light weight, dirt-repellent properties and excellent dimensional stability make it ideal for the production of waterproof clothing, hiking shoes and equipment, covers, etc.

210T Taffeta fabric is fire retardant and resistant to fading under the influence of sunlight. The material is not hygroscopic, dries quickly and does not deform when wet. It is used for the manufacture of camping equipment, bags, awnings, camping tents.

Lining windproof fabric Barrier is used as an inner lining, reliably protecting from wind and low temperatures. Securely holds down and feathers of winter outerwear. It is also used for the production of sleeping bags and camping equipment.

Fleece 130 is made from the finest fibers with an air gap. The material perfectly retains the dryness and warmth of the skin while wearing products made from it & ndash; clothes and shoes.

Purpose of the product `` fabric Fleece 180 '': use as the main, finishing and lining material in the manufacture of various types of clothing, footwear and advertising products.

Faux collar fur does not cause irritation and chafing, which is why it is popular when finishing collars of winter outerwear.

Fabric Calico 125 is used for sewing workwear, bed linen, technical items. The material is included in the Euro category.

Flannel fabric is characterized by minimal creasing due to the use of special processing compounds. It is used for the production of clothing aimed at consumers of all ages, workwear, furniture lining.

Fabric Coarse calico 145 is made on the basis of natural dyes and is used as a bag and lining fabric in the production of working and special type clothing.