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Anti-static flame retardant fabrics

In this section of the Eldorf company directory demanded fire-retardant fabrics with antistatic thread are presented. The trade line of this category is formed by the products of the manufacturer XM FireLine and others, which guarantee the safety and practicality of fabrics during use.

The main functional purpose of this type of fabric is the manufacture of comfortable and safe overalls for working in critical temperature conditions, as well as for wearing when working in an environment with aggressive components.

The antistatic properties of fabrics ensure that the fibers are inert to many aggressive factors. Therefore, our products are actively purchased for sewing uniforms for employees of the oil refining industry, workers in the gas production sector, metallurgical enterprises, for the defense complex and the fire department.

The practical advantages of our anti-static fire protection fabrics are evident in the length of time they are used. They have amazing wear resistance, which is achieved through innovative methods of weaving of antistatic fibers, as well as high technological performance of the material itself.

Manufacturers of fire retardant fabrics with antistatic yarn have achieved unique results, which allows to sell any category of fire protection fabrics at the lowest prices in the region. At the same time, the cost of our products is never set at the expense of their quality and performance.

Each meter of our anti-static fabrics displays safety requirements and compliance with state standards, as well as environmental standards and absolute safety. & Nbsp;