SHANGHAI XM GROUP LTD For 20 years, it has been offering professional clients the widest range of fabrics, materials and accessories that have been specially selected for their needs, taking into account the peculiarities and specifics.

Our clients

1. Brand companies and sewing companies
2. Representatives of commercial organizations and state corporations
3. Stores and warehouses selling fabrics.

After confirming the status of legal entities, the applied organizations become clients of Eldorf.
The range of our company includes more than 300 types of fabrics and materials.

Eldorf's customers appreciate the ability to buy everything they need to make uniforms, specials or casual wear from one source.

In our catalog you can choose fabrics and materials for making:

1. Special work clothes
2. Uniform and corporate clothing
3. Medical clothing and services (restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.)
4. High visibility clothing (signal clothing)
5. Warm and demi-season outerwear
6. Clothes for outdoor activities and sports
7. Bags, accessories, shoes and other types of textile products
8. Promotional items

It is convenient to cooperate with SHANGHAI XM GROUP LTD because our clients can:

1. Make a pre-order of goods
2. Get professional advice on the purpose and use of our fabrics
3. Choose any colors, textures, raw materials and surface densities of fabrics
4. Choose the most suitable delivery method for your order.

The assortment of the company also includes sewing accessories: threads, braid, ribbons, cords, buttons, tips, eyelets; special materials: reflective tapes and edging, tapes for gluing seams, adhesive and cushioning materials, insulation, fur and other materials.

Each sewing production has its own specifics and features, therefore the range of the company `` SHANGHAI XM GROUP LTD '' was selected in such a way as to fully provide its customers with fabrics and materials, taking into account the purpose of the final products.

1. For the production of clothing for tourists, fishermen and hunters, we suggest using various types of fabrics and knitted fabrics with the following properties:
    - durable, lightweight jacket fabrics made of synthetic threads with coatings that impart moisture and windproof properties to clothing: Oxford , fabrics Taslan , Breeze , East;
    - membrane coated jacket fabrics ;
    - mixed fabrics with camouflage patterns , both in the form of three-five-color printed patterns, and in the form of photo prints of forest, steppe themes;
    - durable and silent material with a membrane coating & ndash; Alova;
    - soft, excellent heat retention Polar Fleece ;
    - several types of mosquito nets , both plain-colored and camouflage;
    - durable fabrics for the manufacture of covers, equipment and inventory.

2. A wide range of fabrics for the production of jackets, windbreakers and other outerwear are available for sewing sportswear and outdoor clothing:
    - Taslan ,
    - Dewspo ,
    - fabrics with pich-skin effect  
    - jersey (elastic)
    - Fleece (Polar Fleece) of various densities,  
    - knitted mesh lining and
    - lining fabrics ,
    - cuff jersey (ribana) .

3. For a company that produces outerwear for the autumn-spring and winter assortment for adults and children (jackets, overalls, down jackets, windbreakers and other products), we offer modern jacket fabrics with such important properties as:
  - Wind protection,
  - Protection against precipitation (rain, snow, drizzle)
  - Reliably holding down insulation,  
  - Membrane coating

4. For the manufacture of awnings, tents, canopies and shelters, bags, covers, backpacks, we can buy fabrics:
  - Oxford ,
  - Tarpaulin ,
  - Tent fabric,  
  - Fabric Breeze (Taffeta PU) with various coatings (PA, PU, ​​PVC (PVC) plain dyed and with patterns,
  - Grids & ndash; backpack, anti-mosquito, air mash  

5. We offer traditional materials for shoe manufacturers:
  - Kirza,
  - Tarpaulin,  
  - Tent
  - Moleskin
  - Two-thread
  - Oxford of various densities and finishes (plain dyed, print, camouflage).  

6. For printing and advertising companies in stock:
  - Blackaut ,
  - Satin ,
  - Advert,
  - Taffeta (Taffeta)  
  - Knitted fabrics (nets) used for the production of advertising banners, banners, flags, pennants and other advertising products intended for decoration of shop windows, television and theatrical decorations, exhibition and mobile stands.

If you have selected the necessary materials for yourself, then be sure of its availability. All the assortment declared on the website is present in the company's warehouse or is expected to be received as soon as possible. Our regular customers are confident in timely and prompt deliveries of fabrics.

The company `` SHANGHAI XM GROUP LTD '' there is the possibility of prompt execution of individual orders, taking into account the characteristics of the future product, allows our customers to create exclusive high-tech collections of work and casual clothing, which strengthens the position of our customers in the textile market.

SHANGHAI XM GROUP LTD consultants - these are specialists with more than five years of experience in working with fabrics and materials, which makes managers experts in the field of selecting the most suitable fabrics and materials for any type of textile product. Understanding the technologies and production processes of the production of our assortment, the company's managers always help in choosing the most suitable raw materials, taking into account the characteristics and purpose of the finished product.

Supply of fabrics for the SHANGHAI XM GROUP LTD is an opportunity to help implement the most daring projects of our clients.